your children to the path of

self Discovery AND Success

With The First Ever Hybrid Academy That Would Help Provide A Family Bonding Experience Through Education.


How Good It Would Feel To Be Financially Independent Without Living From Pay-Check To Pay-Check And Never Having To Stress About Fulfilling Your And Your Family Needs And Wants

How Proud Your Kids Would Feel When You Guide Them & Let Them Freely Explore What They Love Without Feeling Any Uncertainity

How Knowledgeable It’d Be For You Or Your Child To Learn New Realms Every Month And Get Opportunities To Be A Part Of Networking Events And Activities

Interested In Gaming Streaming? Creating Content?

Want To Dominate Game Leaderboards With Your WASD Skills And Make A Living Out Of It?

Want To Bag The Clout With Your Voice And Personality And Get The Chance To Ask Your Viewers “ CHAT, IS THIS REAL? “

Want To Learn How To Maximize Monetisation On Streaming And Content Creation Platforms And Learn How All The Big Creators Work Their Magic To Stay On The Top Of The Game?

This Is Your Chance! Join BTD Membership And Get A Chance To Show The World What You’re Made Of With Our Classes And Sessions Focused On Your Growth.


Picture all the satisfying moments you could explore with your family without uncertainty, without fear and without limits. You could feel ALIVE & BONDED again, Starting feeling good and secure about yourself, your children & their career.

So many parents dream about this,

Yet so many can never achieve it…

It may be shocking but over 70 percent of parents admit feeling disconnected and worried about their relationships with their children. This lack of understanding leads to concern about fulfilling career ambitions for their child as well as their own goals as parents. Without proper support, children often choose paths not optimized for satisfaction or success.

It’s not right for you to have an awkward relationship with your child, this has to be STOPPED!

especially because it is a ticking time bomb

And one of the biggest roadblock that as parents you face before you can defuse this ticking bomb is

not having financial independence

that restricts you as well as your child to think out of the box and do something they love.
That’s something you as a child or as a parent have faced.




the btd membership...

Equip yourself and your children with the weapons to launch a high income career and achieve financial independence for your family to build a rock solid bonding with them.

become a member

AND you will get

For you and
your business

For your child



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    per month-billed annually

what are you getting

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If you’re someone who wants to evolve and grow yourself in 2023

and also want your child to get on the

path of self discovery and growth

don’t miss out on BTD Membership..

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